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About Apptimate

We live in a mobile world where persons, companies, servers, clouds and things communicate over the Internet.
Information should be at our fingertips outside firewalls, anywhere, anytime. We are talking mobile first and Internet of things. And we are talking apps, apps, apps.

We now access company sensitive information over public networks with BYO Devices, we use mobile phones to make bank transactions and we are connecting all types of devices, cars, machines, servers or even your home.

What is more important than to secure that communication?

When do you not need secure communication with your mobile devices?

We have a solution. Apptimate is the most secure development and delivery platform for mobile communication and positioning. Communication for any high-level data objects, encrypted point to point with no data stored on our servers.

With our SDKs any developer can build services for connecting any Internet-enabled device.With our awarded positioning solution, we take authentication to the next level.

With our awarded positioning solution, we take authentication to the next level.

APPTIMATE is a cloud-based platform solving the communication needs of apps and “things”. With Apptimate developers can focus on the application they are building, we provide the communication backend.

It started with a “simple” app called PingPal

PingPal development team

Disruptive technology in development!

An app with some tough requirements set by some experienced guys that knew how things should be done to work in real life.

Asking experts, trying tools, reading and trying again. Experimenting with hybrid development tools to cover all required platforms. Testing backend services to be able to provide that solid functionality. It should work in real life meaning non-guaranteed, poor and patchy network connections. It should be Privacy Protected. It should not generate data used for unwanted advertising stuffed up our noses. It should be quick to implement on multiple platforms but still give that completely native feel and performance. So there was nothing.

Throw in some pretty amazing developer talents and things where solved in new inventive ways. The way things should work.

And there you have it. Apptimate Secure Communication as a Service for ANY app, platform or “thing”.